Ballyshannon Equestrian Center

Loving & Grooming 

Cadette Girl Scouts can earn the BEC Patch with Walk Bar - 4 hour program - $60/Girl Scout.  

Brownie Girl Scouts can earn the Horse & Pony, Loving & Grooming and/or Pony Ready Badges - each 2 hour program - $30/Girl Scouts. 

​Troop 1038 had a wonderful time! - Leslie 9/17/22

Horse & Pony 

​​​Girl Scouts

Junior Horseback Riding Badge - 4 hour program - $60/Girl Scout 

Pony Ready 

Email Ballyshannon Equestrian Center at ballyshannonec@aol.com for information and registration forms.  Registration required for all programs by registration form due date!

Daisy Girl Scouts earn the BEC Patch with Pony Ride Bar - 2 hour program - $30/Girl Scout 

May 5, 2018 --Stacey H, Leader - Troop 327  
"THANK YOU!!   The girls had a wonderful time, as well.   Maura,  I can't express enough how beautiful your horses (and pony) are.  Your stable is amazing as well.   Your professionalism and kindness made the girls able to step outside of their comfort zone.  They learned so much and enjoyed the entire process!    Your program is excellent!   I will share with my SU our experience."