Stall Boarding Services - $450/month or $15/day - includes 12 'x 12' stall with double dutch doors,  2 (heated) water buckets, 1 feed bucket, 4lb salt block, ceiling fan, fly sprayer.  Horses have turnout daily, pastures have heated water trough & 50lb salt block. Pastures are dragged, sprayed for weeds, limed & fertilized. Horses are fed with feed and supplements you provide. Hay included in board.

Vacation Boarding Services - $25/day for stall board or $15 for pasture board.  Or we can provide vacation care services at your location - call 757-562-5353 for more information!  



Ballyshannon Equestrian Center

Pasture Boarding Services - $300/month or $10/day - includes run-in shelter (with fans and lights), water trough, salt block, pastures that are dragged, sprayed for weeds, limed & fertilized. Pasture board is customized to your horse’s requirements.  Hay is provided when grass is not available.Run-in shelter has lights, electrical outlets with heated water troughs, fans (on sensors- when horses enter - turn) and condensation barrier.   Horses are fed with feed

                                                          and supplements you provide.                                                          

We offer Pasture, Stall & Vacation Boarding Services 

Gus and Breezy and their owner are happy customers of Ballyshannon Equestrian Center vacation care!  "You take such great care of them while we are away!  I can enjoy my vacation and do not worry! " says Lou 8/27/2019