Loving and Grooming Days
Dates:                *Session I:  July 6
                             *Session II: August 6
                             *Session III: August 17  
Times:                7:30a – 12p
Ages:                  Rising 2nd – 12th graders
Instructor:       Maura Britt, Ballyshannon Equestrian Center
Tuition:             $75
Location:          Shuttle departing from Franklin to BEC

Lots of fun at the barn; this half day session will give participants a “behind the scenes” understanding of the special needs of their equestrian friends. Discuss safety around horses, learn and practice grooming techniques, see a saddling demonstration, give a horse a treat and enjoy an instructor led pony ride. Learn how to mount and dismount correctly. Let's ride!  

Horseback Riding Camp
Dates:              July 16 – July 20
 7:30a – 12p
Ages:                Rising 4th – 12th graders

Instructor:       Maura Britt, Ballyshannon Equestrian Center
Tuition:            $275
Location:         Shuttle departing from Franklin to BEC

A week with these amazing creatures! Learn to feed, groom, and saddle & bridle a horse. Start the week by working on your basic riding skills (mounting/dismounting, walking, and halting) and build on the basics to master additional skills so that you can go on a trail ride or demonstrate your skills in a horse show by the end of the week. Learn how to clean stalls, hose down a horse -- everything horse! Mount up for some fun!

​Ballyshannon Equestrian Center and the Kids College have been partners since 2014.  We work with Kids College to provide summer programs to explore information about horses (Loving & Grooming) and a week long horseback riding  camp.

Here are the Kids College programs for this year:

July 8, 2016 Loving & Grooming 

Kids College Camp 



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 Loving & Grooming